Tree Preservation 

Tree Preservation In Central Oregon 

Tree Preservation is arguably the most important function of good arboriculture.  The urban environment poses many challenges to the longevity of trees, and as trees mature their value in the urban landscape and our communities increases exponentially.

Unfortunately, the average lifespan of a tree in the urban environment is only eight years.

As Arborists, we have developed many tools and techniques in order to address tree mortality and to protect the value of your home or business.

As Arborists, we have developed many tools and techniques in order to address tree mortality and to protect the value of your home or business.

There are 3 main functions of Tree Preservation:

  • Where and How to Plant Trees
  • Preserving Trees During Construction Projects
  • Preventing Disease or Bug Infestation
Tree Preservation Work In Redmond Or

Providing Plant Healthcare

Soil Aeration

Trees and landscape plants need porous, oxygenated soil to maintain a healthy root system.  Urban soils are often compacted or become anaerobic for any number of reasons.  This is especially true after new construction.  In order to address this, holes can be manually dug into the soil and then backfilled with more porous material or there are some organic fertilizers that address the physical properties of the soil chemically.


SPLAT or Specialized Pheromone and Lure Application Technology is an inert substance made up of waxes, vegetable oils, water, and other food grade substances.  It is mixed with active ingredients, in this case, Verbenone, that give chemical signals to pests.  Verbenone is a hormone that is released by the Pine Mountain beetle when their host tree is overpopulated.  It is a chemical signal to other beetles not to lay their eggs in the same tree.  It can also be found in rosemary and is often used as an extract in essential oils.  Verbenone used alone is not effective as a deterrent, but when used in tandem with SPLAT the results have been remarkable.  It is safe and nontoxic solution to a devastating pathogen that we are proud to share with our clients in Central Oregon.  It will not save trees that are already heavily infested, but will protect adjacent trees from infestation.


Chitosan is an organic biopesticide that boosts a trees natural defenses.  It is derived from the shells of shrimp and other crustaceans.  It has many uses in medicine and agriculture.  Chitosan increases plant vigor and pitch production which has been shown to help it fight off infection from the blue stain fungus associated with the Mountain Pine Beetle as well as with expelling the larva of the Mountain Pine Bark Beetle.  It does not harm people. pets or wildlife, and is widely available in the environment.

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James Peterson | Bend, Or

I hired Artisan to look at some trees in need of some TLC at me home. One of the trees, a gnarly old elm, looked to me like it needed to be taken down. After they were done, it looks great and has a new lease on life. The other trees, another elm, and a willow, look fresh and cleaned up. Also, by climbing rather than using a bucket truck, I did not have those unsightly tire tracks all over my lawn afterward. They also raked up the branches and finished up in one day, by the way, which was a weekend which fit my schedule. Definitely, would use these pros.

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