Tree Removal

Cutting Edge Tree Removal Service In Central Oregon

When To Remove a Tree

At any point, if the tree becomes unsafe you will want to consider having an ISA Certified Arborist come assess the tree. If the tree is hazardous, have it removed.

There are several reasons a tree can be hazardous:

  • If the tree is unhealthy and large branches are dying
  • If the trunk shows signs of decay
  • If the tree is completely dead
  • Visible cracks in the tree

If only part of the tree is damaged, we don’t need to remove the entire tree. We can extract only the damaged parts of the tree.

When we assess the tree we will explain all of your options for either preserving the tree or having the tree removed.

Tree Removal
Removing a Tree near a house

How We Remove Trees

There are several variables on how our team will remove your tree.

Often times if the damaged tree is still standing we will climb the tree and cut it out in sections using a rope to lower prices making sure that nothing in the surrounding area is damaged.

If the damaged tree has already fallen, we will cut it into manageable sections to be removed or chipped.

It is important to have a certified arborist do complex tree removals to avoid injury or damage to surrounding properties.

Contact Us About Your Tree Removal

Emanuel M. | Bend, Or

Thomas is a very skilled and knowledgeable arborist, he is not the type of person who cuts a tree down to make extra money. Thomas explained/educated us about tree parasites and tree maintenance. He and his crew are very polite and hard working. We are very happy with the job performed and will recommend Thomas to friends and neighbors.

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